Divine Hall of Grace


Decorated with the most elite clientele in mind, our property features a distinct combination on English and French furnishings to include custom murals and rare fittings sure to please the eye!

We bring excellence to the event planning experience.


Competitively priced to offer great value in the best location, our pricing structure is sure to fit your event budget! 

All photos have been provided by Kishana Highgate Photography


Conveniently located in the heart of southern Prince George’s County, in the corridor of Branch Avenue and St. Barnabas Road where the county comes to life!

We’ll help you plan the event you’ve always wanted.


 3926-B Bexley Place

Suitland, MD  20746

(202) 714-4426 Phone


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@ DivineHallGrace

​​The Hidden Gem of Prince George's County


With over 2,000 square feet of main ballroom space accompanied with a bridal suite and modern luxury lavatories, our property is everything you’ve dreamed of in an event space!